Children and Youth

Fostering real faith in our kids and youth is a big priority for our church. We currently have two groups, Transformers for primary school-aged kids, and Mello for high school students (more info below). Our pre-school group (Sparklers) is on hold due to the current age distribution of our kids, but we have some activities available in the foyer for parents to do with their pre-school children during the sermon.

We take child safety very seriously; all leaders and helpers in our kids program must be well-known to us and have a current Working With Children Check. For more information on our Safe Church Policy, click here.


Primary school kids love Transformers. Running every Sunday morning starting part-way through church, children are welcomed into an inclusive and interactive program designed to help kids get to know Jesus and God's story in the bible. We play games, dress up and act out bible stories, explore themes with craft and much more!


Mello is our youth space, where high school students can explore life's big questions in a nurturing environment that encourages creativity and a sense of humour. We meet each week during church for about half an hour (except the middle weekend of school holidays). We watch thought-provoking video clips, doodle in our individualised journals and chat about how Jesus can have a real impact on our lives.


Buddies is a friendship program that links one child with one adult who looks out for them, takes an interest in their lives and prays for them. Adult buddies are carefully chosen and must have a current Working With Children Check.

Youth Jams

Can you play an instrument or sing? Youth Jams are for you! You don't need to be a superstar to join in.

Social Events

We have various social activities involving kids and/or youth with the aim of having some fun, inviting friends along and getting to know each other better.