Children and Youth

Fostering real faith in our kids and youth is a big priority for our church. We have intergenerational services that aim to engage folks of all ages. We have a box of percussion instruments for young and old, a colouring table and a space with a blanket and toys for younger children. Adults and kids have their own journal or scrapbook for jotting notes or questions, drawing pictures, or sticking in lessons (newcomers are welcome to choose a blank journal or scrapbook). During the sermon, a craft activity is provided that links with the day's theme; this is available towards the back of the sanctuary and is facilitated by an adult helper. High school students go to a separate room for Mello (see below).

We take child safety very seriously; all leaders and helpers in our kids program must be well-known to us and have a current Working With Children Check. For more information on our Safe Church Policy, click here.


Mello is our youth space, where high school students can explore life's big questions. We meet each Sunday during the sermon (except the middle weekend of school holidays). We watch thought-provoking video clips, play games and chat about how Jesus can have a real impact on our lives.

Youth Hangouts

Youth Hangouts are a chance for high school and university-aged guys and gals to, well, hang out. We meet once a month on a Saturday night, sometimes at the church and sometimes out and about. It's all about food, fun and friendship.

Youth Jams

Can you play an instrument or sing? Youth Jams are for you! You don't need to be a superstar to join in.


Buddies is a friendship program that links one child with one adult who looks out for them, takes an interest in their lives and prays for them. Adult buddies are carefully chosen and must have a current Working With Children Check.

Social Events

We have various social activities involving kids and/or youth with the aim of having some fun, inviting friends along and getting to know each other better.

Inter-church Events

Our kids and youth join in with other church events in our local area, which helps grow a wider network of friends and remind us that God's kingdom is bigger than our front door step!