Can't join our service in person? You can still join live on Zoom, starting at 10 am! If you are a regular at WPBC, please check your email or phone for the details of how to join. If you are new to WPBC, we would love for you to join us too, in-person or on Zoom! For details on how to join Zoom, feel free to get in touch with Paul Huglin at or 0491 100 531. In the meantime, below you will find a recording of the service from last Sunday.

15th May - How to communicate a great idea

8th May - Sunday 8th Full service

8th May - How do I know God's purpose for my life

1st May - Sunday 1st May

24th April - What are the intentions of your heart?

24th April - Sunday 24th April 2022 full service

17th April - The resurrection restores hope

17th April - Easter Sunday 2022 service

14th April - Maundy Thursday

11th April - 10th April full service

11th April - Easter 2022

3rd April - What motivates extravagant worship?

3rd April - 3rd April 2022 full service

28th March - The extravagant love of God

28th March - Sunday 27th full service

15th March - What is the point of Jesus' transfiguration?

15th March - Sunday 13th March 2022 full service

6th March - If you want to be like Jesus, then you need to become like Jesus

6th March - Sunday 6th March full Service

6th March - Who is Jesus

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