Our in-person Sunday services are back! But you can still join live on Zoom, starting at 10 am! If you are a regular at WPBC, please check your email or phone for the details of how to join. If you are new to WPBC, we would love for you to join us too, in-person or on Zoom! For details on how to join Zoom, feel free to get in touch with Paul Huglin at or 0491 100 531. In the meantime, below you will find a recording of the service from last Sunday.

25th July - How to deal with the pressure to achieve

18th July - What does a Spirit filled life look like

11th July - How are we empowered by the Holy Spirit?

5th July - How do I receive the Holy Spirit?

27th June - What is the purpose of the Holy Spirit

20th June - Who and how is the Holy Spirit depicted in the bible

13th June - Should you pull the weeds out from the wheat?

6th June - What does it mean 'the first will be last and the last will be first'?

30th May - What does God's Kingdom mean and look like

24th May - How can I know that God is real?

16th May - Understanding the parable of the talents

10th May - Am I expected to forgive everyone

2nd May - What's the point of the parable of the sower

25th April - How to interpret Parables Luke 14 12 24

25th April - Parables of Jesus

11th April - Can Jesus set me free from my troubles?

4th April - "Jesus rose from the dead" - Mystery or Myth? Easter Sunday

2nd April - Good Friday

29th March - If Jesus is king, why is he riding on a donkey? Palm Sunday

22nd March - What does it mean for Jesus to be the perfect sacrifice?

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