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Sunday June 16th full service

The Holy Spirit God's continuing gift to a very good world

Sunday 19th May 2024 Mosaic Service

Taking Christ's lens to conquest

Sunday 12th May Full service

Turning a family into a nation of God

Sunday 28th April 2024 Full service

Sunday 21st April - Full service

God's big picture: an introduction

Sunday 14th April

God's Big Picture

Stations of the Cross 2024 West Preston Baptist Church

Sunday 7th April 2024

Easter Sunday 31st March 2024 - 🌟 A Fresh Perspective This Easter 🌟

redeemed transformed empowered

Sunday 17th March 2024

Being empowered by the Holy Spirit

Sunday 10th March 2023

If God can transform others why not me

Sunday 18th February 2023

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